5 best at-home work-out classes

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If I work out, I mostly work out at home. To me, it feels safer and I don’t have constant distraction. I do run outside, preferably in the mornings.

Als is sport, dan sport graag thuis. Ik vind het veiliger voelen en dan word ik niet constant afgeleid. Ik loop buiten hard, het liefst in de ochtend.

My Top 5 YouTube workout channels are:

  1. Fitnessblender
  2. Yoga wit Erin Motz
  3. Yoga with Adriene
  4. Blogilates
  5. Yoga with Kassandra


1. Fitnessblender

This is probably the best workout youtube channel that exists. Fitnessblender is made by married couple Kelli and Daniel. Both are Personal Trainers and they decided to make at-home workout videos for free. They have tons of videos that focus on different parts of the body, length, level and style. You have a lot of choice and that makes it a really fun and good site. There is always a video that…

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